Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Tamarack Meadow Loop Trail

Dale Matson
4 miles, total time out 2:36, 285’ ascent

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Waypoints Indicate Trail Junctions

For background and directional information see a previous posting on the Tamarack Snow Park here:

The conditions were too icy for skis since we are still awaiting another snowfall but the trails have thawed and refrozen and been packed by snowmobiles on the Tamarack side of Highway 168. Because of this, while I did take my snowshoes and trekking poles, I opted to just walk the loop trail in my insulated boots. There are many new trail markers on the trees, which really helps one to navigate.

As Susie and I were getting ready to head out from the trailhead, we talked a bit with Tony and his coworker who were headed out on a track machine to remove downed trees from the trails.
There were places on the trail where the snow had completely melted but Susie was quickly in snow up to her belly off trail.

It was a pleasant 45-degree day and I did not use a hat or gloves. After about 1.5 hours, I saw a large rock with no snow to sit on. I sat down not because I had to but because I wanted to. Susie sat with me and we shared an energy bar. After about 10 minutes, she jumped up and started barking. I have no idea why but it is nice to know that she is both a companion and a sentinel.

The final photograph is a derelict lookout tower on Bald Mountain (7,830'). One of the trails (Bald Mountain Trail) from Tamarack leads to Bald Mountain and I skied it a few years ago.  Bald Mountain is about 7 miles from the trailhead at the Tamarack Snow Park. The lookout tower can also be seen from the SoCal Edison picnic/parking area on Shaver Lake and also from Dinkey Creek Road. 

 Tony And Coworker Outbound For Chainsaw Work

 Red Mountain (9750') With 400mm lens

 Tamarack Meadow

 Tamarack Creek

Bald Mountain Lookout Photographed From Highway 168

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