Saturday, February 20, 2016

My Photographs Of The Ten Sierra Nevada 14ers

Dale Matson

I was on a search and rescue near Mount Whitney about seven years ago and was impressed with the fact that I was walking at 11,000’ and facing mountains over 3,000’ higher. Between Timberline Lake and Guitar Lake you can see the west face of both Mt. Whitney and Mt. Russell. The eastern face of both is easily seen from Highway 395 in Lone Pine. 

Except For Mt. Humphreys The first photographs are from the Whitney Group

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Mount Whitney And Mount Russell From The West
Mount Whitney And Mount Russell From The East

Since that time, I have looked over my DVDs to determine if I have taken photographs of what are considered to be the ten Sierra Nevada 14ers during my decades in the Sierra. I have loads of mountain photographs but would not be able to name most of them. Mt. Humphreys is easy to spot because it is singular and distinctive but fourteen feet shy of 14,000’.

Mount Humphreys Taken In Humphreys Basin Is 14' Under 14,000'

The east face of some of my mountain photographs is what I would call a “Drive By” since it can be seen and photographed from Highway 395. Other photographs of these same mountains taken from the west required a great deal of effort.

Mt. Humphreys Right Of Center From The East
With Mt. Basin Far Right

Mt. Langley, Mt. Whitney And Mt. Russell

Mount Muir From Mount Whitney Trail

Mt. Langley From Cottonwood Lakes Area
Mt. Williamson With Mount Tyndall On Right

The Next Mountains Are From The Palisade Group

Mt. Sill From Big Pine Lakes Basin (From 5th Lake)
Mt. Sill From Dusy Basin 200mm lens
This Shot Is Rarely Included In Dusy Basin Photographs
North Palisade From Dusy Basin On Far Right
North Palisade From Panoramic Point
34 Miles Away Using A Cropped 300mm Photograph
Split Mountain Left Of Center From The East
Split Mountain Is Also Referred To As South Palisade
Middle Palisades Left Of Center (Clyde Peak On Right)
Photograph Taken From North Fork Of Big Pine Creek Trail
I Would Rename This Area "Glacier Basin"

I don’t consider myself to be a “peak bagger” in general unless it is a walk up. I can only claim Mt. Whitney as a Sierra Nevada 14er I have personally climbed.
I excluded the two California non Sierra Nevada 14ers and those mountains with less than 300’ of prominence, whatever that means.

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  1. What a parade of Giants! Thanks for digging through your photos to put this together, Fr. Dale! What a blessing it is to live near this incredibly beautiful part of God's creation.