Saturday, April 21, 2018

Fresno County SAR Mountaineering Unit Ropes Training 4-21-18

Fresno County SAR Mountaineering Unit
Ropes Training 4-21-18

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I was buying some trail supplies at the Fresno REI and asked a clerk a question about the latest Suunto watches. As we talked I mentioned that I was an inactive semi-retired team member of the Mountaineering Unit of the Fresno County SAR team. She introduced herself as Ann and noted that she was an active member of the SAR team also and they would be training in the San Joaquin River Gorge this coming Saturday.
They would be doing ropes training (for high angle rescue) and the fitness hike for the prospective members. The fitness training consists of an 8-mile loop hike with a 20 lb. daypack on a course with considerable altitude gain. The course must be completed within three hours. The particulars of the hike can be found on a prior report here:
Well, I decided to drop in on the training and with the training leader’s permission (Michelle) I took some photos and videos. I joined the team when I was retired and 60 years old and was active for about 12 years. I did not choose to participate in the high angle rescue or swift water rescue trainings but was generally available for weekday searches when many of the other team members could not be available because of their employment. I was pretty much an infantryman.
I also wrote a book about some of the searches I participated in called “Seeking The Lost: Stories Of Search And Rescue”. During those years the team developed into a very professional civilian volunteer organization, attached to the Sherriff’s Office, with a much younger average age. Russ Richardson, Martin Wendels and Nick Kohli before them really turned things around for a team that had seen declining membership.
I was impressed with the professionalism and training I saw today and thank the team for allowing me to photograph and video the ropes training. I wish all of you folks Godspeed and protection as you ready yourselves for the upcoming outdoor activities season.
 The Other Dale

Bill Allen Oldest Active SAR Team Member

 Mike By His Classic Diesel Suburban

 San Joaquin River Gorge Bridge From Above

 Fitness Hike Folks

 Climbing Gear

 Kyle Fitness Hike Record Holder At <1:45

 Wiping Pine Needles Off The Granite 

 Rodger Leading Ropes Class