Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Swimming at Millerton 2021

Dale Matson

Well, we’ve started our 17th season swimming at Millerton Lake State Park. The four of us begin and end the swimming season in wet suits. The water today was 64 degrees and the air temperature was 49 degrees. Later this summer it will get to about 80 degrees water temperature. Mike is in a speedy league of his own, Marie is next, Sharon is next and I generally swim by myself since I am the slowest. We’ve had several folks swim with us over the years with our friend Tasha a triathlete who is nearly as fast as Mike. We’ve seen our share of Eagles, Geese, Bobcats and other game, Anyway, it is great to know that at age 76 I am still getting in my lake swimming. We swim at the local club on other days but a pool is not a lake. Millerton is as low as I remember it for this time of year. Hopefully, as the remaining snowpack melts, the San Joaquin River will bring more water to Millerton.

We began in. 2004 as I was preparing for the Hawaii Ironman. It seems like forever ago! All of us have done triathlons with Mike and Marie completing the Coeur d’Alene Ironman. Sharon completed the cold Shaver Lake Triathlon.

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Mike And Marie

Sharon Returning

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Yosemite Anniversary Trip 04-06-21

Dale Matson

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25 years ago yesterday

Sharon and I were married 25 years ago at the foot of Bridal Veil Falls. We had 24 guests and family at the wedding and our reception at the Awahanee Hotel. We decided to take a loop trip back to Yosemite. We started in Fresno, went north on Highway 41 to Highway 49 and entered Yosemite via Highway 140. We came home exiting the park on Highway 41. I have two photographs by the Merced River after It exits the park.

It was a perfect 65-degree day in Yosemite Valley. Just like it was 25 years ago. One year after that, there was a foot of snow on the valley floor.

 The road construction meant two ½ hour delays. Additionally, Bridal Veil Falls was closed because of construction. A helpful lady took our photo “near” the falls by the road with Sharon’s phone camera.

It was lunch time and we wanted to eat in the Awahanee. They were serving lunch in take-out fashion and Sharon and I found seating for two at one of the tables. We could see Lower Yosemite Falls from our table. Another Helpful lady took our photograph at our lunch table. I included a photograph of Sharon and me at our wedding reception at the Awahanee. 

I went outside while we waited for our food and photographed the Awahanee from outside with Half Dome in the background.

After lunch Sharon wanted to take the walk to Yosemite Falls. The water in all the falls was good but will be optimal in about three weeks as the snow continues to melt. We needed to park in the Yosemite Lodge parking area because the parking nearer to the falls was already full. It was about a mile hike round trip.

After Yosemite Falls, we went to El Capitan Meadow where we could watch the climbers. Sharon had 10X binoculars and I was using a Sony A7R4 camera with the 16-35 2.8 GM lens and the 200-600 G lens with a 1.5X TC. She found the climbers with her binoculars and took the photos with my camera.

After that we headed home and spent another ½ hour waiting to get back to Highway 41. How blessed we are to have Yosemite so close and the health to continue to enjoy it. 

Merced River
BridalVeil Falls
Upper Yosemite Falls

Awahanee Sitting Area

The Top Of Half Dome Above and Behind The Awahanee

Lower Yosemite Falls

El Capitan Meadow

Climbers Taken With Super telephoto Lens