Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Morning At Millerton Lake With The New Sony 200-600 G Lens

Dale Matson

     I had the morning free and it was cool for Fresno CA this time of year. I thought I would try for some bird and BIF photos and put the new lens on my Sony A9. There is not much else to say. None of the shots are award winners but when cropped, the images are large enough for me. The BIF shots worked when I finally remembered to focus wide and use continual autofocus at 1/2000 sec. I shot shutter priority at f9 and hand held all the shots. The light reflecting off the water did not help. I used the lens with the 1.4X TC, shot cropped (1240mm) and cropped further in photoshop.

 Juvenile Turkey Vulture



Friday, August 16, 2019

The North Fork Of Big Pine Creek 2019

Dale Matson

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Hike Route

         Our total mileage was about 23 miles over 3 days with an altitude gain of about 3,000’. Our maximum elevation was about 11,300’. Our camping elevation at Third Lake was about 10,200’. We acclimated the day before we started at the campground near glacier lodge store. (You need reservations). We paid for parking two nights near there and got great dinner sandwiches. You may not stay overnight in the parking area near the trailhead.
This is our third trip to the North Fork of Big Pine Creek. Our goal was to take in as many of the lakes as possible with a two-night three-day hike. Actually, there was only one day of hiking and two days of backpacking. We hiked the Glacial Trail off the Big Pine Creek Trail last October and it was a unique experience for us.
We went with two younger friends and their daughter. Needless to say, our pace a quite a bit slower. We even left camp inbound the last morning 2 hours ahead of them and they still caught us at the upper bridge.
The topographical map shows our hike route. We did not make it to Black Lake but we did get to Lakes 1-6 with a view of Lake 7 from above Lake 6. We also got to Summit Lake. Some equestrians we met at the trail junction of Summit Lake and Lakes 6 and 7. They told us there was a great view just off the trail before you descend to Lake 6. Thanks guys.
The mosquitoes were bad this year but we were prepared. It was warm with no rain and few clouds. I have been in lots of areas of the Sierra Nevada both hiking and backpacking and I would say this area compares to Evolution Basin for stark beauty and it is more accessible. However, wilderness site permits are a popular item for this area and I got 5 permits just past midnight the day they became available for mid-August.
I also want to mention my camera gear. Since I had been in the area twice before, I knew what would be good lenses to use with my Sony A7R3. I used the Sony 16-35mm 2.8 GM lens and the Sony 24mm 1.4 GM lens. The 24mm lens is the finest prime I have used with this camera. Photos from above the lakes work best to capture the green water.
We may never see Black lake. This was a difficult trip for us and we are getting too old (I hope to be 75 next month).  Maybe we will find an outfitter with mules to bring in our gear next year. The video of this hike is here.

 Big Pine Creek
 No Luck Seeing SNBS
 First Falls
 Looking South Toward Middle Palisade And Clyde Peaks

 Lon Chaney Cabin Now A Forest Service Cabin

 Temple Crag From Third Lake

 Fourth Lake

 Two Eagle Peak With Cloud Ripper On Right
 Fifth Lake

 Mt. Galey Far Left Next To Mt. Sill
 Friendly Equestrians
 Sharon Resting By Trail Junction
 Sign Post 
 Above Lake Six
 Excellent View Of 14ers And Palisade Glacier From Summit Lake
LtoR Galey, Sill, Polemonium, N. Palisade, Starlight, Thunderbolt above glacier
 Temple Crag Above Second Lake
 Temple Crag Above First Lake
 Second Falls Center
 Campsite Above Third Lake
Seventh Lake From Above Sixth Lake