Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Prayer For California In A Time Of Drought

Fr. Dale Matson

The San Joaquin Valley is now the valley of the dry bones. Lord bring us rain.
Our crops will not be planted and our fruit trees will perish. Lord bring us rain
Our nut trees will all dry up and our lands will lay fallow. Lord we ask for rain.
The soil is too dry and parched and hard for planting. Lord where is our rain?
Our winter hills remain a lifeless brown. Lord, Your land needs rain.
It is a harsh winter of rain and snow for others and still, we have no rain.
Lord our lands thirst and our souls are in torment. Please bring us rain.
Peaks lack snow and the source streams are drying up. Snow is needed Lord.
Our aquifers and wells no longer hold water. Fill them once again.
Your people, your creatures and your land cry for rain. Please make it be.
Your people cannot be fruitful. They can do no work. Do not hold back the rain.
You are the source and from Your hand we feed. It is not of us we know.
Give us our rain in due season and with it Your Glory show. Amen  

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