Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Some Of My Favorite Kings Canyon Photographs

Dale Matson

As the years go by, I reflect more and more on the wonderful times I have spent in Kings Canyon National Park. It contains the heart of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and much of the John Muir Trail. Because access is limited, it is virtually an unspoiled area with rivers and lakes galore. The backcountry rangers are a special resource and I have had an opportunity to chat with most. Many have been with the Park Service for over 20 years. I have found my fellow pilgrims to be good environmental stewards that leave few traces other than footprints. Some of you folks who see this may have crossed paths with me on the trail and shared brief conversations. I thought at the end of this hiking/backpacking season, it would be fitting to show some of my favorite photographs taken in Kings Canyon. I already miss the wilderness and now await the first snow for backcountry skiing in the Sierra National Forest nearby. Many of the photographs were taken this summer. I hope you enjoy them.
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 Campsite Off 60 Lake Basin Trail
 Fin Dome Rae Lakes
 Lake On 60 Lake Basin Trail
 Palisades Viewed From Dusy Basin
 Bear On Bubbs Creek Trail Switchbacks
 Dragon Lake Above Rae Lakes
 Dusy Basin

 John Muir Trail With Junction Peak In Center
 Golden Bear Lake Center Basin
 Bullfrog Lake
 Kearsarge Lakes And Pinnacles From Kearsarge Pass
 Trail Across Bubbs Creek
 Bubbs Creek
 East Creek
 East Lake
 Reflection Lake

 Glen Pass Looking North
 John Muir Trail McClure Meadow
Rae Lakes Painted Lady

Marjorie Lake
JMT Golden Staircase
East Lake In The Morning

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