Saturday, April 18, 2015

Nellie Lake Day Hike 2015

Dale Matson

For the particulars on this hike please see last year’s hike that I did in late May of 2014. It is rather sad that I am a month earlier this year with the hike and have about the same amount of snow. Anyway, I have a few different photographs this year. Last year, I used a 35mm/f2.8 lens on my Sony A7 and this year, I used a 55mm/f1.8 and an 18mm/f3.5. There were no bugs on this hike.

I was a tad slower this year but took my time. There were no others on the trail the entire time I was out. There is a chance of more snow/rain next week. Let’s hope. I rewarded myself at the store in Lakeshore with two Snickers bars, a bag of chips and a large diet Pepsi. (I had to stay awake for the 1.5 hour drive home!  Here are the photographs.

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