Monday, March 7, 2016

Crowley Lake CA Views And The Columns

Dale Matson

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Damming the Owens River in 1941 by the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power for use as a reservoir, created Crowley Lake. The lake was named after Fr. John Crowley. There is more background information here.

Crowley Lake is a popular fishing lake about 15 miles south of Mammoth CA and in addition has peculiar columns on the east shore that only became visible when the lake was formed. There is more information on these columns or pillars here.

I have talked to folks who have fished the lake but not noticed the columns. They are near the water's edge and I suppose they are less evident when the water level is higher. They could be accessed by boat or you can drive over the dam to the east side of the lake and follow the trails till you can actually drive down to the eastern shore and walk to the columns. We used a high clearance 4X4 and some of the hills were intimidating.

We were there in the afternoon to get the best lighting for the columns on the eastern shore. The White Mountains to the east were also highlighted. I would have also liked to be on the eastern shore in the morning for the sunrise on the Sierra Nevada Mountains to the west but that didn’t happen. The Sierra Nevada Mountain photographs were taken into a setting sun.


Mammoth Mountain, Minarets, Ritter And Banner Left Of Center 

 Mt. Baldwin Right Of Center

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