Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Balsam Forebay Ospreys

Dale Matson

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First Three Photographs Taken With Sony RX1R 35mm f2

Every spring, I make a point of heading to the Balsam Forebay along highway 168 above Shaver Lake (first “snow park” on left) because there is at least one pair of nesting Ospreys. These large beautiful birds are also referred to as Fish Hawks and use the Forebay as their primary fishing grounds because it can be shallow as the water is drawn down to Shaver Lake to make electricity. I’ve written two previous articles on the Forebay. Summer
            The above articles provide additional particulars on the Forebay, which is also used by picnickers and fishermen. It is an easy walk on a trail of less than a mile through the woods from the parking area near Highway 168. This time I used my Sony A7R2 with an adapted Tamron 150-600mm lens, my Sony RX1R 35mm f2 and my new Zeiss Batis 18mm 2.8 lens.
            It was a warm day but cool in the shade at over 6,000’. As I approached the Forebay I saw a shadow move past me. I was happy to see it was an Osprey on its way to the nest, which helped me confirm where the nest was located. I found a cool spot in the shade where I could observe the nest and patiently waited for the nest visitations. I am uncertain if there were any young in the nest. When the adult Ospreys landed inside the large nest, they were no longer visible. It is only when they were on the edge of the nest that I could see and photograph them.   
            Overhead, the Ospreys are a beautiful bird to see. I also got a photograph of a Turkey Vulture. For most of the two hours I spent there, I only saw one Osprey but near the end, there were two pair (4) flying together. That is the most I have ever seen there.
            The shots were not easy and handheld. All Bird Photographs were with Tamron Lens.
 Zeiss Batis 18mm 
 Osprey Nest
 Osprey Has Stick For Nest Repair

 Zeiss Batis 18mm
 Forebay Dam Zeiss Batis 18m

 Telephoto Of Area Below Dam
 Nearby Mountains


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