Tuesday, February 14, 2017

San Joaquin River Gorge 2017

Dale Matson

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I recently spent some time near the Kerckhoff and Redinger Reservoirs.
I also reported on the San Joaquin River Gorge in 2016.
This year was different because of the record rain and snowfall in the Sierra Nevada. The river gorge area is narrow and I anticipated quite a sight standing on the magnificent footbridge that crosses the river. I don’t believe we have seen the peak flow yet however since we have yet to see the spring rains combined with snowmelt.
This year was more difficult since I am recovering from anemia and had to take the climb back out rather slow to keep my heart rate below 110 (the guideline set by my cardiologist). The route from the trailhead off Smalley Road is about 2 miles round trip with a descent outbound down to the river of 367 feet. The trailhead is about 1,000’ in elevation, which is actually higher than the Kerckhoff Reservoir upstream. The Kerckhoff Powerhouse is just upstream from the bridge and seen in one of the photographs. This is the area near where the Temperance Flat Dam if built would raise the water level considerably since Temperance Flat is just a bit further downstream. There are seasonal creeks that cross the trail and eventually hit the San Joaquin. There are also seasonal waterfalls visible from the trail.    

My wife accompanied me and carried extra water for me. To keep the weight down, I only brought my Sony A7R2 with the Zeiss Loxia 50mm lens. This combination carries very nicely on a belt holster. 

A Slide show with video clips is available on YouTube here:

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