Monday, May 29, 2017

Swimming At Millerton Lake II 2017

Dale Matson

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This is my second report on swimming at Millerton Lake. For more particulars on the Lake see the 2013 story here:
This was the first swim of the year and it was a bit later in spring than usual. The water temperature was already 72 degrees and the lake was about 80 percent full. It was not quite warm enough to swim without wet suits.
We had a bigger group than usual with Mike, Marie, Sharon, Tasha and Millie. I was sidelined because of recent eye surgery. There was another larger group of swimmers that started from the Millerton Courthouse area. We prefer the nearby boat ramp nearby. As usual, there is an assortment of water birds around us too.

Even with an early start the Memorial Day boaters were already out racing around the lake. Usually the swimmers have the lake to themselves in the early morning hours.
The first photographs are with the Sony A6000 with a 16-70mm lens. The other photographs were taken with a Canon 400mm f4 lens on a Sony A7R2.

 The Other Swimmers Seemed Be Using Floats Also

Young Geese with Adults

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