Sunday, May 3, 2015

White Bark Vista Near Huntington Lake California

Dale Matson

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Turn Off To White Bark At Kaiser Pass On Kaiser Pass Road

If you live in the Fresno California area, the best easy view of the Central Sierra Nevada Mountains is from White Bark Vista. It is about a 1.5-hour drive out Highway 168 and then a 10-mile drive on Kaiser Pass Road to Kaiser Pass. Turn right at Kaiser Pass and drive for a slow mile on a difficult dirt road to Whitebark. If you don't have lots of ground clearance on your vehicle, park off the road by the pass and hike in.

Kaiser Pass Road opened early this year on May 1st and I was the only one there to take in the beauty. The air was relatively clear yesterday afternoon when I took the photographs. On my way up I couldn't resist taking a photograph near my house where it was 90 degrees. It is a typical view east from the valley once the foothills turn brown with green grape vines in the foreground and mountains behind the foothills. I simply pulled over and jumped in the bed of my truck and took the photograph.

When I got to White Bark Vista (elevation about 9,600'), the temperature was 54 degrees and it was a bit breezy. I took the photographs with a Sony A7R with a native Zeiss 55mm/f1.8, the Sony G 70-200mm/f4 and an adapted Canon Zeiss 18mm/f3.5. The two photographs with the 18mm lens are obvious and the mountains too far for taking advantage of this great lens. I cannot say enough good about the other lenses and took the panorama at 105mm hand held. I reduced the file sizes for a reasonable upload time. White Bark is also the entry point to the Dusy Ershim OHV Trail to Courtright Reservoir. Hope you enjoy the views.  

 View From Fresno
 There Is An Interesting Story About This Dog Team

 Cropped 55mm
 Edison Lake In Center

 A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words


 Devil's Bathtub Hidden In Bowl Right Of Center

Mount Humphreys Right Of Center?
 105mm Panorama Stitched In Camera Hand Held
Mt. Givens On Left 10,643'

 Banner Ritter Near Mammoth CA To The Northeast

Huntington Lake From Kaiser Pass Road


  1. I suppose I could have just as easily called this article "Chasing The Clouds". Generally there are few passing over Fresno but as the clouds head toward the Sierras, they begin to congregate and form a towering cumulo nimbus presence because they are trapped above the Sierras. It is as if the Sierras are attempting to extract the last drop of rain from them. They cause massive shadows over the peaks. It is as if the Sierras are not properly adorned if clouds and snow are not also present.

  2. For you folks interested in this trip this year, please be aware that the gravel road to Whitebark from Kaiser Pass is full of snow even now. If I were going there I would plan on hiking over lots of snow and drifts. There are trail markers in the trees for snowmobiles but I would bring a GPS or map and compass to be sure.