Thursday, November 19, 2015

Tamarack Ski 2015 II

Dale Matson

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Route From Tamarack Trailhead To Overlook

For additional information on this ski, see an earlier article.

Well, we got another 10 inches of snow and the best time for backcountry skiing is within two days of the storm. This is because the daytime sun melts the snow, which then freezes at night, and an icy crust begins to develop on top of the powder. That is not good skiing.

This time out we had our two Airedales and a friend Carol who is an accomplished skier. As we headed down the Raven trail once again it became evident that our bigger male Airedale was post holing too much and needed to turn around about a mile and a half outbound. A Fresno friend Walt and 5 of his friends started about a half an hour earlier and broke trail ahead of us. Thanks Walt!

My wife Sharon went back to the vehicle with Duke and Carol and I reached the overlook in a little over an hour. We had a comfortable sunny lunch break and headed back to the vehicle. Our total time out was about 2.5 hours. Mission accomplished.

We stopped at the Shaver Lake Deli on the way down and loaded up with treats. The owner Norm Kato was more than accommodating and friendly as usual.

 Photos From A Turnout along Highway 168

 Heading Out From The Traihead

 Duke Waiting For Me
 Carol Basking In The Sun
 70mm Shot Of Shaver Lake
 24mm Shot

 Susie Cooling Down

Looking Down The Squirrel Trail At Red Mountain 
300mm Shot Of Sierra Crest Taken From Along HIghway 168

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