Friday, May 13, 2016

The Sony RXIR At Woodward Park

Dale Matson

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Sony RX1R
I have reported about Woodward Park before and for those who are interested in more background on the Fresno CA location and history you can find it here:

Having bought a used Sony RX1R camera, I continue to be impressed with how portable it is at about one pound, especially in the Think Tank belt pouch. This camera is a pleasure to look at and a joy to hold in my hands. Although I don’t consider myself good enough to refer to myself as a “photographer”, I believe this is a photographer’s camera.

Because we walk our dogs daily at Woodward Park, I took the opportunity to take the camera with us and to take photographs both in full daylight and in early morning. I have included several ponds and of course, The San Joaquin River. I want to note that these photographs appear as they came out of the camera including no cropping. My overall impression continues to be that this camera/lens combination imparts a unique and appealing patina to the photographs.

My initial report on this camera included photographs taken above Fresno near Friant at Lost Lake Park also along the San Joaquin River. I cannot overestimate the value of this river to our region. It is the second longest river in California. The three headwaters are in the high Sierra at Martha Lake, Thousand Island Lake and the foot of Mt. Lyell in Yosemite.

 Don't Mess With This Goose!

Fishing for Trout In One Of The Ponds With The Ampitheater In The Background Behind The Trees

 5:21am (Sunrise At 5:54 am)
 5:42 am Sierra Nevada Mountains Looking East
 5:57 am San Joaquin River
 6:01 am
6:02 am

This is not a review of the RX1R, which has already been profusely reviewed and lavished over, deservingly earning high praise from critics. It has been succeeded by the RX1RII with more megapixels and a built in viewfinder. The price drop on a used RX1R is paralleled by a new A7 and both can be purchased for slightly over $1,000.00.

I own the Sony A7R2 and am also caught up like most others in lens combinations. I have the new Zeiss Batis 18mm 2.8 on order. However, that said, I love the RX1R!    

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