Monday, June 19, 2017

Lost Lake Park 2017 Friant California

Dale Matson

I wrote about Lost Lake Park before (2016) and it includes some of the particulars about the park. The photographs I took at that time can be compared with what the park is like now.
 My purpose for writing again is that the high waters of the San Joaquin River have caused Fresno County to close the park and to keep this park closed for months. The park is located below and not far south of the dam at Millerton Lake. When the water is released from Millerton Lake, the flow can fluctuate considerably. As of this writing, Millerton Lake is only about 80% of its half million-acre foot capacity. There is still concern about rapid snowmelt and that is why Millerton Lake remains below capacity.
While the park gate is just off Friant Road, the park itself and the river are a considerable walk from there if the gate is closed. I took the opportunity yesterday morning to take some photographs that demonstrate how much park flooding has occurred.

I took the photographs with the Sony A7R2 and the 24-70 f 2.8 GM lens. 

Click On Photographs To Enlarge 

Friant Dam Visible To The North

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