Monday, July 27, 2015

Harlan Young’s Solo Of Mount Goddard (13,564)

Dale Matson

Harlan used the Maxson Trailhead out of Courtright Reservoir to begin his multi day trip. I was supposed to go with him but was injured. As I reflect on his efforts, which he described as, “The trip took me to my limits”, I was glad this 70 year old was not along. Harlan is quite an individual and has many skillsets that equipped him for this effort of about 55 miles including off trail backpacking. He is an accomplished cyclist and runner with an extensive background in forestry and geology. He is an experienced mountaineer and backpacker also. He had to endure being wet from Sierra thunderstorms. He is also a brother in Christ and we are members of the same congregation. My hat is off to this fine young man. Harlan took the photographs with my Panasonic camera and I am posting them with his permission.

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 Harlan At Maxson Trailhead - Photo By Wife Catherine
 Maxson Dome
 Maxson Dome
 Post Corral Meadows

 Evening Alpenglow On LeConte Divide
 Morning At Rae Lake
 Red Mountain Basin - Disappointment Lake
 Red Mountain - Hell For Sure Pass
 Hell For Sure Lake From Hell For Sure Pass
 Mt. McGee From Goddard Canyon
 Evolution Basin From Mt. Goddard Summit
 Ionian Basin From Mt. Goddard Summit
 Remnant Of Receding Glacier On Mt. Goddard
 Mt. Goddard From Martha Lake
 Goddard Canyon From Martha Lake
Morning At McGuire Lakes

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