Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Moro Rock Sequoia National Park

Dale Matson

South of Lodgepole on the General’s Highway, there is a parking lot, which provides access to the shuttle that will take you to the base of Moro Rock. There is also a 1.8 mile shaded trail through Giant Sequoia trees that will take to the base of Moro Rock.

Here is a brief YouTube video of the climb.
It is a 300’ climb at an altitude over 6,000’ on a staircase set into the granite dome. At times it is rather exposed and reminds me somewhat of a smaller version of the cable climb portion of Half Dome, which is even more daunting. Sometimes the path narrows and folks have to wait for one another as they head in opposite directions. It really is possible to fall off Moro Rock.

It is also not the place to be during a thunderstorm. I have climbed these stair several times over the years and never really got an optimum view because of the hazy air. After a rain would probably be best.

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